Looking for recomendations for USB hubs.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PinkyMacGodess, Dec 22, 2008.

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    I am having a fit which isn't hard to do this time of year when everybody is out shopping at all hours and it takes 45 minutes to go 2 miles!

    I have an iMac, the one with the black ring around the monitor screen.

    I have an Adaptec USB hub which rocks, or so I thought. It's the one with the picture frame built-in (with picture of Steve Jobs (who else?)). Not cheap either.

    The problem is that USB devices disappear sometimes. Some ports go away on the thing and they never come back and others, when they go away eventually come back. Usually the thing works great. I have three hard drives, a scanner, a ConvertX, an ipod dock, my Apple monitor and keyboard/mouse connected to it. One drive rarely shows up. The ConvertX will restart at random and the eyetv software starts up when it comes back.

    It's almost as if the iMac is polling the USB bus on a regular basis and the Adaptec is having issues when it does that.

    I had a Kingston mini-USB hub and it didn't work that much better. This is one gripe that I have with the iMac: Not enough USB ports.(!)

    The question is: Is this the symptoms of a USB hub that is getting huffy or is this a symptom of the iMac polling the bus or an issue with the iMac itself?

    Is there a high end hub that works better than other brands? They have gotten so 'cheap'... I wonder if I should somehow juggle the current USB connections to make it more reliable or, yes, replace this hub with another one without the picture frame... *SOB*

    Thanks for any assistance...
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    Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to use the Search function of this forum (and others) to look for recommendations about powered hubs. Eg. http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/other-hardware-peripherals/127812-7-port-hub-one.html

    There are many opinions. I could for example say Cyberpower or Targus, both of which I use, no problems, others would say Cables-To-Go, or D-Link or X or Y or Z. If you want portability, try the Cyberpower 4-port battery-powered hub. I see you're running external hard drives, so do get a hub with a couple of high-powered (1000 mA) ports.
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    this belkin one is amazing - you can daisy chain them on top of one another too...

    I have my printer, 2 HD drives,keyboard, phone and 2 pen drives on mine.

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