Looking for simple inexpensive HiFi AUDIO IN


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Jan 7, 2014
Basel, Switzerland
As far as I understand the nMP has only a combined digital/analog Audio OUT port and a Headset port which will let the mike sound enter the machine.
The mike in a headset is usually good for Skype or similar uses. I do not believe that the headset port should allow to input music from an analog HiFi system.
The oMP had a sound input. One could easily digitalize a Long Play record or parts of it, apply noise filters, make one own music CD.

I believe in using available parts before buying new ones.
I considered therefore if my old Formac video grabber (analog to digital video converter) together with the free application Vidi could be used to input only audio.
It comes with a firewire 400 output (IEE1394) and I have a FireWire 400 to 800 adapter cable. Apple sells a TB to FireWire 800 Adaptor cable I would have to buy assuming my idea is a good one.

However converted analog VHS tapes gave me huge DV files in my oMP.
These could then be converted with any video converting application into MP4 videos or whatever I wanted or needed and the final files had a reasonable size.
DV standard includes high quality sound but I am afraid that even without inputting any video information into the Formac video grabber, it might create a kind of empty video part of the file and still make huge files.

I have seen somewhere in this forum the picture of an audio grabber but it was just a ridiculous small piece between the 2 analog audio input cables and the outgoing USB (I believe) cable. Not something inspiring great confidence in the A/D converter which could be housed inside it...

I know of course that musicians use special expensive boxes which convert microphone and line audio into digital information with FireWire or USB outputs to allow their audio application in the computer to process and modify those files following the musician's purposes,

For my needs such a unit would be in a way a overkill.
Spending for a nMP is already a great effort for me and I am not a musician.

Every good advice will be very appreciated.


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Dec 29, 2013
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I second the iMic. I've used it for live broadcasts with my 13 inch MBP (which also lacks a decent, dedicated line in). Works great! And has a switch for line or mic level input.


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Feb 19, 2014
Riwam - "inexpensive HiFi AUDIO" does not compute!!!:eek:

I think what has been outlined here [the behringer, the M-Audio, and the imic] might work.

But what exactly do you need to use the Audio in for? Is it just phonograph? Is there something else?

If it's just for a phonograph, then maybe something like an ART USB Phono Plus... [about $80 on amazon], which would be better than some of the options listed above, since phonographs tend to input low when compared to other line in options.

Just my 3.735 cent's worth.