Looking for Solid Bluetooth Keyboard Case


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Aug 25, 2011
I sell a bunch of these cases on my website. Here is my insight.

The build quality of the Zagg/Logitech Keyboard Case (not the the folio) is great rock solid. But the lip on the edge is annoying for a lot of people.

The old foil is ok but the new one is much better. It is also the most versatile of them all as the keyboard can come out and be a standalone dock. The best thing about it is does not have the deep lip on the edge.

People with small hands seem to like it. Most customers just complain it’s just too small. But it’s built well and looks good.

GENARIC ONES (Luvvitt, RooCase, uPlay and More)
These suck! They dent easy and the keys feel as if they are all attached when typing. Worst part is they jam too many keys on the board which makes them too small on such a narrow area.

Buy a true keyboard like the Apple Wireless or spend less for a cheap eBay or Amazon bluetooth keyboard for around $25. That with any word processor (Pages, Quick Office HD, Onlive Desktop) makes the world of difference. I find the best thing about the external keyboards is the Arrow keys when editing. It makes life so much easier.

I like most of you like to save things Money, Time, Effort, and Clutter.One thing I have learned when you see something online or on TV, and sometimes in a store. You think this is awesome I will make my life easier and get rid of that dedicated moose of a machine. You will be disappointed a lot, happens every week when I open packages from suppliers or Amazon.

Here is a wireless keyboard that has a full number pad that works with the ipad and the mac.

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Jan 31, 2009
I have been using a ZAGGfolio (pink/white keyboard) with my iPad2 since Wednesday and I can't believe I went an entire year without a keyboard for my iPad. The Folio itself isn't the greatest quality, certainly not what I expeccted for the cost. Yet for someone wanting a "girlie" color most other cases are even worse or cover the face of the iPad. The keyboard is wonderful. Feels very sturdy and types almost as nicely as the keyboard on my MBP. Adjusting the smallness took no time. The Folio isn't too thick and doesn't add too much weight to the iPad unlike some of the other keyboard cases I've looked at.

I don't miss holding my naked iPad when using it and can't see taking it out of this case very often. Prior to this my iPad was usually either nekkid or clad in a smartcover.

Granted this is only day 3 for me and I did start out with a little snafu (due to my iPad settings) but I am very content with this case.