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    I'll try and be as clear as I can, but sometimes its not too easy to put all my thoughts into words without writing a novel.

    I have been a mac user for about 15-16 years, but

    I would like to move to a desktop computer. I currently have a 12" MacBook, 10.5 iPad pro, and iPhone X. Currently the only actual important work i do is with quickbooks/excel. Otherwise I just do normal everyday computing (web, documents, pdf, etc). I have kids so I do have a large photo/home video collection. I don't do much editing, but now with a 4k TV and a gopro it sure would be nice to piece together 4k clips into movies.

    I have been a mac user for about 15-16 years, but am completely open to switching to a PC. Most everything I do either has a windows version or is cloud based.

    So heres the dilemma...I also want to experience and use VR. I understand that only the top end iMacs will run VR games. I want to run VR in a computer that will do it very well, not just barely scraping by if that makes any sense. That makes a pretty expensive iMac, and I'm not sure that will even run VR all that great (but I also don't know much about the technical side).

    So if im going to spend $3000+ on an iMac that may not be all that good at VR would I be better off buying a PC gaming computer? It seems to me that I could get a pretty insane computer for a similar price I would pay for an iMac.

    It all boils down to should I buy a really nice iMac and hope it does VR well? Or should I get a very nice PC for the benefits of VR and just learn to use windows for the few other programs I need. I think between my iPad and iPhone I can do most things, just not all of my business stuff. Anyone have any suggestions or opinions on what would be a good idea? Or what PC/mac I might want to look at? All said and done id like to stay around $3000 to $4000 max including a display if I go the PC route.
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    My knowledge on VR is very limited, as a disclaimer. If the primary goal is VR, IMHO a PC is a wayyyyyy better choice for the money.

    If your budget is $3,000-$4,000, I would personally go the route of a custom PC, using something along the lines of a Core i7-7700K or higher, a Nvidia 1080 TI, and liquid cooling.

    Alternatively, if you are looking for something pre-built, the MicroCenter PowerSpec line is a pretty solid offering IMO. For under $2k, you could get this, upgrade the RAM, and get a reasonably good monitor (think 27-32-inch 1080p or QHD with a good refresh rate). You can also frequently find sales on their in-house PowerSpec line, sometimes to a point where buying a completed version is less than the cost of building it yourself.

    An iMac with a 7700k, equal RAM, and the 580 GPU is like $2,800, and it's GPU is arguably a far cry from the 1080TI.

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