looking for some cool fps i..e Rainbow Six (smoke, sniper action etc)

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by patent10021, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I used to enjoy R6 years ago. Loved being on teams with smoke, grenades and switching between silencers and sniper rifles etc. Its been a long time and I have a new Mini. Would love to find a couple of games out there. Whats the newest version of Rainbow Six for Mac? Can it be downloaded on a store and played immediately? Do I have to use Steam or something like that?

    What other games like R6 would you recommend? Battlefield? I'm not much into mech though. I don't like those WWII games either. I like the modern urban environments with teams.

    There was another game I really used to like. Was a military multiplayer game where you could fly planes, tanks and just about anything. Took place in some mountain ranges, deserts etc. Great sniper action. Wish I could remember the name. Maybe it was COD.

    EDIT* Are any of these games as good on iPad as they are on desktop? Better off playing PS3 rather than Mac Mini Server?

    EDIT: So I'm going to buy COD 4 I think. Looks better than CS:S. Should keep me buys for a while ;)

    I like the urban missions.

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    The game you used to like sounds like Battlefield 1942.
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    I remember that game from EA. It was ok but not my favorite. It was COD and R6.

    I'm going to download COD 4 tonight :D

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