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    Apr 7, 2005
    Hey all,

    I've been working with my pb for the last year or so and it's been great to me. I'm going to need something with more power for creating visual effects with video and computer animation using Maya.

    1- Is there really that much of a difference in the processor speeds when you get down to it?
    2- What's the word on the new G5s? (I looked around and found about 20 different answers...)
    3- Once newer G5s and Tiger are finally announced...how long is the usual time period to actual store availability?
    4- I am in love with the cinema displays...is there any reason not to go with one of these when buying (other than the price)?
    5- Any other suggestions?

    Thank you all very much for helping me out and giving me some incite into my future purchase.
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    1. It depends on what vintage Macintosh you are looking at. If you are going to compare G4 to G5, it is typical to see faster processing (clock speed to clock speed) with a G4 over a G5. Other factors like Level2, and Level3 (on G4's) Cache play into how quick the system can process data. A good way to keep a system fast, and going, is to have good fast memory.

    2. From what I gather, and have looked into. Most of the speculation on the new G5's are just rumors. Since Apple hasn't released any true word on what they will be, and when they will arrive, the point is moot (to me). You, myself, nor most people on here will ever have the fastest computer in the Mac community, so just look into what you can afford, and use at the time you need it.

    3. If it is announced when they are available in stores, there will be 0 lag time. It appears that in cases like the Motorola Itunes Phone, Apple wants to only announce the release of new items, when they are actually available. But this may only be in regards to partnerships, not their own products.

    4. That is a personal decision. How well do you see images, text and lines as compared to other monitors of the same class.. If you can see the best with the apple display, and it is in your price range, get it.

    5. The sky is the limit. you have a tough decision, go with what you can afford, and afford to have a bit of fun with it!!
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    Aug 9, 2002
    1- Yes. There is a noticeable difference. What's your budget like, though? A dual 2.5ghz machine is awesome, but a dual 1.8ghz machine is a better value.

    2- No one knows. Personally, I'm hoping for PowerMacs to be announced at NAB, but it may well not be until WWDC in June.

    3- Tiger will start shipping soon. With PowerMacs, it will probably be a while (2+ months after announcement for the high ends). The higher end the product, the longer it usually takes Apple to ship.

    4- Price is really the only reason why one might not to get a cinema display. The aluminum cinema displays are wonderful pieces of hardware. The price differences are potentially dramatic with competitors though. Dell's new 24'' screen is probably the best high-quality display on the market for its price... Better deal than Apple's displays? yes. Would I personally go with an Apple display anyway? yes.

    5- Nope, hope I've helped :)

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