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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ArtOfWarfare, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm going to be submitting Battery Status to Apple's Student developer competition. As part of the competition, Apple requests that we zip up the source material and send it to them in addition to an actual built and signed copy of the app.

    Before sending it to Apple, I'd like to have my project peer reviewed. Because I already sell the app and would rather not chance someone downloading the source, building it, and selling it as their own, I want to email the zipped project directly to anyone who wants to review it.

    Just make a post here or send me a message on macrumors with your email address and I'll send a zipped copy to the address.

    The project isn't big... Maybe 2.5K lines of code and 3 xibs, and you can look at as much or little as you like - I appreciate the help and feedback.

    Post feedback directly here so that everyone reviewing it can see what others say and we can discuss it collectively.


    (I'm still revising the code on my own - I expect to be ready to actually send it out to other people within 6-12 hours, and I'd like to submit it to Apple within 48 hours... I'm posting now so that I have a list of people to share it with once I'm ready.)
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    Do you mean the WWDC 2013 Student Scholarship? If so, I'm not sure Battery Status is the kind of app they're looking for:
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    Nov 26, 2007

    I hadn't thought about that... now that I am thinking about it though, it seems to me that it's a rather cheesy requirement that no app worth making would literally fulfill. I think the fact that I thought Battery Status was worth writing and my style of coding says a good deal about me.

    Possibly the intent of that phrasing is just to say "Don't submit something you did because it was a school assignment"?

    In any event, I've already put a good deal of effort into improving the legibility of Battery Status. Worse case scenario, I submit it to Apple, they don't like it, and I have vastly easier to maintain code. Best case, I submit it to Apple, they like it, I get a WWDC ticket, they offer me an internship position for next year, and I have easier to maintain code.

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