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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ewinemiller, Dec 9, 2006.

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    Hi folks,

    I spend most of my time booted into OSX these days, but still have a few apps that I haven't been able to replace. There are some that I know aren't going to be replaced (Visual Studio.NET and MS Money with 6 years of data), but there are a few others where I may be able to find a comparable OSX app.

    The two I'm looking to replace now are FileZilla (an open source windows FTP client) and Paint Shop Pro 6.

    FileZilla is pretty self explanatory, looking for a drag and drop FTP client where I can save short cuts for various FTP sites, set permissions, etc., free or cheap.

    For Paint Shop Pro, I need something more elaborate than iPhoto for doing crops and conversions, mostly for web work, but I don't want anything quite so elaborate (or expensive) as CS. Here I'd probably drop $100 or so if the tool was right.

    After doing a little Googling I didn't see anything that really jumped out as THE tool to use. Any suggestions?

    The other choice of course might ultimately be Parallels once the boot from your bootcamp partition gets stable and out of beta.

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    Jul 27, 2006

    GIMP is free.
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    Cyberduck is free... and does exactly what you want. It's a little buggy though. They release new bug fixes all the time. It seems like each one fixes something that was broken previously while also managing to break something that used to work. I guess you sort of get what you pay for.

    Transmit is a competing program. It costs money, but it works beautifully.

    For the paint shop replacement I'd recommend photoshop elements. It has most of the power of photoshop while meeting your $100 budget requirements. Note that it's not universal yet, so if you're using an intel mac it might be good to hold off on purchasing it till the UB is released (probably sometime in the spring).

    I've got photoshop, so I never really had a need to use the GIMP. I've heard pretty good things about it. It's not a photoshop replacement, but it should get the job done... and if I recall correctly it's universal. There's also a OS X native version called (and I'm sure some one will correct me if I'm wrong) SeaShore.
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    I second (or third) Cyberduck as a free FTP client alternative to FileZilla, and I'd also like to second the suggestion of Transmit if Cyberduck doesn't quite cut it -- though it does get noticeably better with each release.

    GraphicConverter is a long-running Mac image editing app that would probably fit your needs quite nicely. It's not too expensive for all that it does and it has many of the same features PhotoShop offers. You could try running GIMP in X11 or also try Seashore, which is a free MS Paint-type app for OS X.

    You won't be able to replace MS Money exactly, but have you looked into Quicken 2007 for Mac? It's not up to its Windows counterpart, I'll admit, but I find it's quite good. There is also a growing number of personal finance manger apps for the Mac -- Cha-Ching and iBank are two that pop into my head. The problem with personal finance software is that you're often in it for the long haul, and I'd personally hesitate switching to something other than Money or Quicken because I'd hate to be stuck one or two years down the road with my finance records in an unreadable format.

    I'm too lazy to link to the above apps, and I apologize for that; but you should be able to find them at the top of a Google search.
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    Yeah - Graphicconverter is long-running, especially for a shareware app. I still have a floppy of it! :D
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    for FTP i'd give Transmit or Cyberduck a try, i prefer the former although its $30 or so... good app though.

    for the other i would give Graphic Converter a try and if thats not good enough i would look into PS Elements which is a good app too and usually can be found for $80 online.

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