Looking for winter-friendly headphones/earphones


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Jun 12, 2006
Chicago, IL

I've had an iPod since Christmas 2001, minidisc player before that, cd player, cassette walkman all preceding the each of the others. I'd say since 5th grade I've gone to school with a portable music player of sorts. And in the midwest it gets friggen cold out and I've always been displeased with how headphone cords get stubborn and frozen in cold temperatures. There has only been one pair of headphones that seemed to take this in consideration (probably not, they were get being different/ stylish). These headphones were and early version of Sony's W.ear, the cord has since been retrofitted back to plastic cords. What made the Sony W.ears so great for winter was a braided cloth cord. In cold temperatures the cord was lucid and cooperative. But, as most sony headphones did for me, the circuitry failed within months and their presence in my life ended.

So, I am looking for a current pair of headphones that utilizes this braided cloth cord. I am in the market now that my Etymotic Er-6i's have had a circuity failure after 9 months of vigorous use, their still under warranty and I am in the process of filing a complaint. But these awesome headphones are really not made nor comfortable for daily traveling from point A to Point B, getting jumbled in backpack use. I've been a fan of the Apple pack-in's but if the cord doesn't fray at the Y-Split, than the bass blows out and all frequencies fail within 6 months. I'd like to spend 50 or less dollars on these imaginary headphones. Thanks so much for reading my life's story.


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Nov 17, 2004
The Msp
I can totally relate to this, especially biking around in the winter in Chicago. My regular Apple headphone cable freezes in just minutes. So, I guess I'm seconding his request - though I want the cheapest pair possible, far under $50 if possible.


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Sep 28, 2004
Where does your iPod stay in the cold weather? If its in your pocket why don't you run the earphone wires through your jack/shirt and up out of your collar. Use your body heat to keep it all nice and warm.