Looking into Mic stands; advice needed!

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by cornopaez, Dec 27, 2008.

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    May 1, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    I've started to play around with a H2 Zoom recorder that I got for christmas and I would like to get a nice mic stand for it, specially to record rehearsals with a fast, easy setup. I've been doing some research around but I guess not eveyone agrees on the brands for mic stands, and for that matter models.

    I'd really like some input on this one. List your favorite, some pros and cons and why you'd recommend it.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. rick3000 macrumors 6502a


    May 6, 2008
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    In my opinion, a mic stand is a mic stand (it's only a metal pole). It doesn't matter which brand, as long as it is sturdy and fits you height requirements.
    I would rather have a good shock mount. If you do a google search there are some cleverly designed Zoom shock mounts.
  3. Capt Underpants macrumors 68030

    Capt Underpants

    Jul 23, 2003
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    All mic stands are not created equal. I've had the best luck with Hercules stands. They have a sturdy, easy-to-use design. Basically you turn one knob 180 degrees to enable you to adjust the length and angle of the boom. There's a hand clamp to adjust the height of the stand. Very simple, quick, etc.

    I've also had good experiences with K&M mic stands.

    Don't buy cheap. You will strip out the boom adjustment in a week, and have to get another one. Or it will fail when you need it most.
  4. FX120 macrumors 65816


    May 18, 2007

    Cheap mic stands are a constant pain in my arse, they break, they don't hold heavier mics, they wobble ect.

    My personal favorite stands are from K&M. All metal construction, made in Germany, well designed so they don't slip when under load, ect.

    They're more expensive, but they're about as good as you can do.


    I've got about 20 of those in my kit.
  5. zimv20 macrumors 601


    Jul 18, 2002
    i dropped $100 @ GC for an unwanted Onstage stand, and while i do like the massive counterweight and the ability to hang mics upside-down for vocalists, i am not impressed with its wobbliness. i do appreciate being able to easily place a music stand, though:


    someday, i'll spring for the big Latch Lake, but i think i need more $$$ mics first.

    so i'm taking a poll: as a function of price of the mic, how much should one spend on the stand? :)

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