looking to buy a refurbished mac pro need advice


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Nov 2, 2007
Hi looking to buy a mac pro so had a look at the refurbished and found one that matched my requirements well exceeds it I'm only looking for a 3 ghz processor. but I'm not sure it has an airport card in the wireless spec it just says bluetooth + EDR (see pic) does that mean i will need to buy a airport card?
If so how easy are they to install and how much are they?



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Apr 16, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Bluetooth is standard on the Mac Pro, but Airport/Wi-Fi is not. You either have to order a custom Mac Pro with an Airport module factory installed or find the $50 kit (not the easiest install in the world for novices) for the Early '08 Mac Pro (the pre '08 model uses a different module). I think PowerMax sells them.