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    Aug 5, 2004
    Right now I'm an amateur photographer and artist, but I'm soon going off to design school so I want something that would not only serve my needs now, but future design school level projects. Right now I'm considering either the ScanMaker i900 or the Epson Perfection 4870 PHOTO/PRO

    The film/negative scanning is more a plus than a necessity. I've gone all digital, so film scanning isn't really a top priority of mine, but it would be nice to have (I do a lot of photo retouching for people and they often ask if I can work from negatives). My main use for this would be scanning 2d art work and sketches I've made for print and archival purposes plus whatever design school will throw at me.

    One thing that I do want from a scanner is a totally flat scanning surface. What I mean is I don't want a raised edge around the glass scanning bed. I often have to scan in large art projects then re-piece them together in Photoshop, and when there are raised edges around the scan bed, it creates shadows on the image.
    Also, the larger photo/art I can scan the better, so I'm looking for as large a scan bed as possible.

    Anyone have an info or opinions on which scanner is best for me?
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