looking to buy laptop VERY SOON help me with some buying tips

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by hopefulmacuser, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. hopefulmacuser macrumors member

    May 24, 2009
    title says most of it =]
    so before wwdc i was set on mbp lower end
    simply because i can afford it, im sick of my old detoriorating pc(i wanna watch videos on youtube normal speed now yay, aesthetics, cause i love photoshop web design graphic design photo manip all that jazz with adobe creative suite, looking to film edit with imovie and finalcut mildy extensive specifically long documentaries for social justice, and perhaps learn aperture. i also want to be able to multi task alot, and maybe occasionally play light vid games.

    so i liked that lower end mbp because of that reason!
    now so much has changed to the mbp line its like woahh

    the rebranding makes the 13 inch likeable. i do have to admit the 13 is so much lighter, currently i use a 15 inch bulky dell and the apple was better lighter significantly but like still the 13 was like halleleiua man i fail at spelll.
    but on the other hand i hear the screen real estate for designing and shizz is so important and editing especially woohoo 2 more inches i dont know ive been on a 15 all through hs so like i dont know the difference yet.

    also i heard something about graphics card
    so what sucks is i need to get the 2.6 i think to get the graphcs card configurated as what i was originally planning to purchase the two graphcis card shennagans because its apparently good or whatever.
    but like now the 15 inch low end mbp is like they dont have that anymore... but it is significantly cheaper...

    IDK is it really all that important
    currently im leaning towards the 2.6 middle 15 inch mbp because of that graphics card shennagans and the l,arger standard hd space but like i also noticed it says like 256 mb but the higher is 512 what does that do?

    so now im just a really confused turtle with money.
    high end 13inch low end 15 inch middle end 15 inch or high end 15 inch

    i sound like an idiot after this post, little punctuation if in existence, and no caps locks and my terminology. just really lazy. but yeah macs are fun to play with. and can be powerfullllll
  2. miles01110 macrumors Core


    Jul 24, 2006
    The Ivory Tower (I'm not coming down)
    If you do a lot of graphics work you'll want one of the models without an integrated graphics card.
  3. Pommy macrumors member

    Jun 9, 2009
    Dude awesome post haha

    Most graphic/video work is more CPU-intensive than GPU-intensive nowadays (there are some major exceptions), but apps are starting to take more advantage of GPUs. [Plus there's OpenCL coming up so I dunno]

    The most common advantage of more vram is allowing you to play games at higher res haha... but the MBP screens aren't that high-res anyway (1280x800 right?) so it shouldn't really matter. Again, there are some exceptions.
  4. hopefulmacuser thread starter macrumors member

    May 24, 2009
    ok replies to the replies

    miles my man
    ohh i didnt know that yeah so whats the purpose of an integrated graphics card and say somedays i dont want to use photoshop editing at all! lol. whats integrated graphics card good for, i assume its good since it's in all the higher end mbps and why would apple give higher paying people ******** ****.

    pommy (is that short for pomegranate and mocking apple since it's a fruit? but i do love pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice and oh dude fro YO! fro yo wow rasberry pomegranate is the most bomb flavor espefcially from cefiore)
    thanks for the compliment it's just I didnt feel like a formal post type of mood and i feel the same way right now

    ok since you say its cpu intensive getting the higher brand like middle end mbp15 and higher end mbp 15 is better. and some apps are going more gpu intensive so definitely i shold stick with middle end mbp15?

    and regarding games, im kinda used to crappy settings i play always on lowest cause of this dell inspiron 8600 which has alot of gunk and sweat marks thing and wow the trackpad is detiorating.. but yeah i always played on low but the thing i hated was the lag and freezing and inability to play efficently
    if i really cared about the settings when i gamed like oh my god all high settings on maplestory(lol jk i mean gunbound) jk again but gunbound is fun sometimes.. i would have just gotten a pc thats like capable in handling games well and is cheaper than a mac

    but i like my fancy shizz so im going with a mac and all that i listed in my first post

    so im still in a draw between highest end 13 inch and middle and high end 15 (with preference to the middle cause although i can afford; im a cheap bastard and dont wanna spend money where money is not needed)

    again sorry for typos and lack of punctuation and minor vulgarity here and there. i appreciate you guys reading the topic and replying its really thoughtful and makes me tear a little on the inside.

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