Looping audio - am I wasting my time here?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by rik1301, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Greetings all,

    New Mac user here so still on a very steep learning curve..

    I have recently bought a new 5k retina Imac and am trying in vain to get a Windows-only amateur radio decoding program running on it. It is called MultiPSK (and yes the GUI really is that bad but it just works and there are no other viable alternatives for neither Mac nor Windows).

    In Windows it works by using the stereo mix function on the sound card which feeds the raw audio straight into the program whilst simultaneously playing it out of your speakers.

    To cut a very long story short, it doesn't work in OSX at all, not even through Wine/PlayOnMac etc.

    I now have Win 7 running in VM Fusion and I can get audio into it but it's what the mic is picking up from the speakers which is no good. I've downloaded SoundFlower for Mac. If I set both the input AND output devices to SoundFlower (2ch) the program gets the raw audio fed straight in and works okay, but.... there's nothing coming out of the speakers! If I select the Built-In output I can hear the audio but then the decoder program stops working as now it's not getting any! Of course if I set 'system default' for the input (the mic) and set 'built-in output' for the output then the decoder gets the audio and I can also hear it, but it's the mic picking up the audio secondhand from the speakers again.

    Back in the good old days of XP when some machines didn't have stereo mix you could loop the line out to the line in and using a splitter cable to the speakers. As the riMac doesn't have an external mic socket then this isn't an option.

    So, am I completely wasting my time here and what I want to do is never going to happen due to the limitations of the hardware or is there some way of making it work using the other sockets?

    Thank you.
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