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Aug 7, 2011
I recently had an issue with my iPhone 4 and the Apple Store very helpfully replaced my phone. Now, with the new phone I've noticed that the Home button is a bit loose -- it wiggles just a bit when I place my thumb over it. This isn't causing any functional issues, but I was just curious whether this is a common thing or if it can cause problems in the future. (I've had an iPhone 3GS and the previous iPhone 4 and neither of those phones' home buttons were loose like this one's.)


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Dec 30, 2011
Loose home button

I do not think a loose home button will cause any problems. But this may be a refurbished iPhone.

Sometimes when you replace the screen the home button does not fit perfectly and you have the same effect. Also the home button has two small tabs on the sides to keep it in place, if those tabs are broken you may notice a similar effect to the one you are describing.

The solution is either to make sure the button fits well or to replace it if the tabs are broken.
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