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    Nov 3, 2018
    The Face of Apple Today

    I walk into the Apple Store to talk to one of the representatives regarding a lose screw on my mac book.

    I get the most heinous look from the representative as if I am carrying some kind of disease like - "No you can't just bring in your defective product, we only sell products here."

    Actually he said, "You need to make an appointment before bringing it in.

    I try to reason with him, "It is just a lose screw" - it is Apple who put screws I cannot tighten with normal screw driver and it is definitely not my fault that they put a lose one that may potentially harm my bag or clothes.

    So it turns out I need to book an appointment for which I find out is available only 5 days later to bring the laptop in AGAIN to just tighten up a screw.

    I mean but come on seriously?

    Now I have to figure out where to put the tiny screw that came off the laptop and pray I don't lose it before bringing it in AGAIN to the store.

    Really I miss the days Apple produced the first ipod nanos. Back then they fixed issues for you with a smile and actually inspired people when new products came out like Elon said. Now they turn you away with their defective products or lose screws as if their customer is doing something wrong to them. It may make things like clockwork on their end but boy they are a waste of my time.
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    Aug 18, 2014

    Why not just get the proper fitting driver for the screw and fix it yourself?
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    Nov 3, 2018
    Exactly this next line I would probably would have heard from the person at the store if I was there any longer. Thanks for the enlightenment-! spend a few bucks to save the frustration. I do happen to have a standard screw drivers kit and I probably have to use that like twice a year if any. So should I purchase the laptop screw to maybe use it again in another decade? The point is if it is anything else than buying something from Apple it is always chore to get things done. You can go into your Apple store with your problems with doctor's appointments. Thanks.
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    Feb 15, 2008
    Actually, this is the system inplace a long time ago. And if you give just a quick thought about it, if everyone with just a quick repair could walk in and get things sorted out, because it is a quick fix, service would be just a nightmare.
    System is really simle: just acess Apple site, or use Apple Service App and get yourself and appointment.
    Why criticize anything that always benn like that?
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    Nov 3, 2018
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    FYI it was not always- and I know it would stand for things like cracked screens and software issues but feeling like unwanted contagion to be stowed away for some screw that just needed tightening that came loose in the first place from them that I cannot touch. Maybe I should have figured out where to get the screw for macbooks in the first place as MSatre suggests.
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    Part of the issue is that Apple Stores are focused on the iPhone and most of the Geniuses don't want to or aren't supposed to touch a Mac. A five day wait is ridiculous.

    Also to do it right you should put some Loctite on the screw to keep it from loosening again.

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