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    I got an iPad on March 17 and set up two work email accounts on it.

    I've had an iPhone since November with about 5 email accounts on it. I read and reply but then I download everything back into Eudora when I get back to my laptop.

    Last weekend I was away with the iPad and phone. I had probably a dozen emails in my accounts. Monday afternoon I had the laptop sitting open on my desk. It collects mail every 5 minutes. I walked away for a bit and while I was gone it collected email and filtered everything, opening the folders which got mail.

    Imagine my shock when I saw one of my work accounts had lost ALL emails from Friday on!

    I tried to test this by sending email to my work account, reading it on the ipad and seeing what happened. It came in just fine, disappeared on the iPad when I downloaded the email to the computer, and it still sits on the computer.

    So now I am sitting at this job and again left my laptop open (maybe I shouldn't do this unless I am sitting at it LOL). I come back to find that all my emails from last night and this morning for this account are gone again! I still have the test I sent myself early yesterday. Other than that, everything is gone. It's not trashed (I originally blamed my cat for walking across the keyboard and deleting it all, but I've searched the entire computer and Eudora to no avail).

    These include emails I got last night and this morning, and replied to from the laptop. All my replies are still in the outbox. But something is deleting these emails. I also didn't use the iPad since last night and I am not using it now either. So maybe it's the phone suddenly acting up? I am still on iOS 5.0

    I have settings set to delete mail on server, the save option is not checked on my personalities.

    Any ideas? It's driving me crazy. I'm not sure if it's a iOS problem or Eudora.

    Running Eudora 6.2.4 on a MacBook with 10.5.8

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    What type of account?

    This might sound like a dumb question but:

    What type of work accounts are you using? If they are pop 3 accounts, when the messages are downloaded from the server to a computer, the messages are deleted on the server. This would then delete the messages on the iPad and iPhone, this happens because the mail accounts are sent up on iPads and iPhones as IMAP.
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    Not a dumb question, but my fault for not explaining it well enough.

    They are all set up as POP3 on the laptop and they are all set to delete from SERVER once they are downloaded to the laptop. It does work as you describe, I can read everything on the phone and the iPad UNTIL I collect the mail using the laptop. Then they go away from the mobile devices, which is fine.

    The problem is, for one particular account, they are deleting from the LAPTOP, and this just started to happen. And it hasn't done a global delete of everything from the folder, just 99% of the mail I've received since last Thursday afternoon.

    I fixed the original message.

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