Lost all images in Aperture :/ urgent help please!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by philhudson91, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Recently I accidently deleted the folder that contained most of my library (I didn't think they were refenced, I assumed they were all in my library file, but unfortunately this was not true) and this is causing me a major problem.

    My first step was to run Stellar Phoenix Disk Recovery, which was doing well until it broke my second external drive that they were being copied onto. I then scanned it again and put them onto a ExFat volume. However there are now issues with this volume, and the folders are not showing up in finder or Aperture. I can see the files in terminal and at present am trying to copy them over via rsync. They are mostly corrupted so that is not an option.

    Therefore I need advice regarding the following:

    As a last resort, I need to merge the previews into the masters, as otherwise I will no longer have any copy of the images files. How would I do this by means of applescript please?

    I've pretty much lost all of my images from my life, so would really appreciate some help here.

    Thanks, Phil

    More info -- https://discussions.apple.com/message/23529900?ac_cid=op123456#23529900


    In summary:

    I need an applescript that can take a preview file in Aperture and make it into the master image.

    If anyone could guide me to whether such a script exists, or how I could make one, or even write a bit of it for me I would be very much grateful :D

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    I take it you don't have any backups? You never used Time Machine? So really this was a disaster waiting to happen anyway. Fire, flood, theft, disk failure, finger trouble ....

    What do you mean by "merge the previews into the masters"? Do you mean thumbnails?

    Goodness knows whats going on with your system if it can be broken by copying files from one disk to another, that should obviously never happen. Did you delete something else? Some system files?

    Did you try going into trash and doing "put back" ? You might try that after you first cloned your disk to another one.

    If you can access the originals (? masters?) , which you sort-of indicate you can, it may be simpler to just start again with those rather than try to manually rebuild Apertures internal structures. Thats probably impossible. Thats why you take backups, so you dont ever need to even think about doing stuff that.

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