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    Jul 19, 2009
    I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Mac pro computer 5 or 6 years old,
    Normally my keyboard is set to either British English or Spanish, but occasionally I will use American English so that I can use the American (number symbol) as a musical Sharp sign when I need it.
    I needed it four days ago and switched the keyboard language to US English, when I came to switch it back to British English all the language options had disappeared.
    I am now stuck with a keyboard layout which has no (at) sign and many other signs have altered for example Ç(Russian) ¿(spanish) Ñ(spanish) etc, this may still be the US English keyboard but I have searched in vain for an (at) sign which means that I can,t (typical changed key for an apostrophe) even type an e-mail address¡ (upside down exclamation mark)
    I have Googled the problem and have inkings that it might have something to do with me running Windows on my Mac using VMware Fusion. can anybody confirm this or give me a clue as to how I get the old keyboard layout back.
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    Jul 19, 2009
    Lost all my language options Solved!

    Hi guys

    Just to let you know I have just stumbled across the answer to the above problem, 30 minutes after coming here to as for help!
    anyhow, here is what I did.

    Go to 'System Preferences'/Keyboard.

    Look to see if there is a tick in "Show Keyboard Character Viewer in Menu Bar"

    If there is a tick, take it out and see if your normal language flag appears in the Menu Bar.

    If there isn't a tick, put one in and check the menu bar again.

    One of these operations should solve the problem, in my case there was no tick in the box but there was a black and white display in the menu bar where there had been a Union Jack (British Flag) I still can't figure how the black and white display is not considered as the Keyboard Character Viewer, in other words I thought the b/w display WAS the Character Viewer, since I had not taken the tick out f the box myself.
    Regards all.

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