Lost audio when FF MP4 files

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jwatc75, May 27, 2014.

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    Apr 7, 2014
    I created MP4 files from family VHS tapes. I used handbrake and then movie maker (windows). I loaded the mp4's onto new portable Seagate HD (USB3.0) and then plugged HD into blue-ray player for playback on TV. The mp4's are between 2-9gb in size. I can play the files but if I fast forward and start playing again I lose the audio. I've tried pausing it to see if audio comes back but it doesn't. Are my video files to big? Any other suggestions?
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    Sounds like the problem is the Blu-ray player, not the files. If they play just fine without fast-forwarding, then the files are fine.

    Why the two-step process using Handbrake and Movie Maker, or are you just making MP4 files using two separate programs? If that's the case, it points the finger at the Blu-ray player even more.

    If you're looking to present these files, an Apple TV box or even a Roku (with USB port) might work better than your Blu-ray player.
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Well I used movie maker because there was some small editing that I wanted to do prior to making final mp4. For instance there was bad footage from original VHS tape ie. snow, that I wanted to edit out to make it better viewing.

    I'm doing this for the in-laws and purchased them the portable HD already. They had the blue-ray (LG purchased in 2011) player which says it can play mp4's and many other formats. Would just like to find a work-around that wouldn't include purchasing something else. I've never worked with Roku but can see I could get them one for $49, but then I'm not sure about their wireless strength at TV (it's not smart) so then I can foresee me buying them wireless range extender/router. This has turned into much larger project than I had envisioned lol.

    Thanks for help in advance.

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