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    I have lost the custom textone for my ipad, I purchased a few years ago and cant seem to find it on any of my devices under purchased. It is not from a song I purchased at the time, it was just a tone for purchase, but cant find that ability now. BTW, I am an 10.3.2. It is the sound of the trumpets played before a horse race begins and the tone is called Horse Race. I have carried this tone over to the last few ipads I have had but cant seem to on this latest one.
    Received my new 12.9" ipad pro about 2 weeks ago and it did make one automatic backup in icloud when plugged in to recharge. After that it did not backup automatically and when I manually asked, it would climb up to four hours remaining and I would have to cancel. After calling Apple with no resolution (diagnostics run over phone show no issues) other than bring it in, decided to erase and setup as new. So far that has fixed the backup issue but I cannot find my Horse Race tone I used for imessages on my ipad in the past. I have connected it to my mbp, looked into finding it there but nope. I had an issue with my last ipad 9.7" pro and had to wipe and set it up as new also, but I was able to find the Horse Race tone then.
    Any advice as to how to find it now or even how to find it again to repurchase would be fine, I just miss it (1st world problem I know)
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    Tone purchase will not be shown in the purchase list. That is, once downloaded, it is there and nothing more. iTunes can backup purchased ringtones but needs sync to work.

    However, you can try to search it in iTunes Store. Like, use the name you can remember, or find the song which contains the part of ringtone.
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    Thanks for the reply. I did connect my ipad to my mbp to try to restore this horse race sound by syncing it. I just dont find it in itunes purchased list. As I remember when I first bought this Tone, it was not a song, I purchased it from the Store in Sounds setting. But its been at least 4 years if not longer, memory fails me. But I do know it was not a song tgat I had to pick a portion of and set it up as a ringtone, it was just a short tone to begin with. Sadly, I think its gone and no way in todays ios to repurchase.
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    Never mind. I did a hard reset and Sounds Store is back on my ipad, I found the Horse Race sound, tapped Buy and it gave me an already purchased msg. It then showed up in my Settings>Sounds as an option to tick to set as my text tone. Why wasnt it already able to find, IDK, but with the issues I have already encountered on my new 12.9" ipp, I'm glad I have already purchased apple care. Anyway, I'm happy I got my Horse Race sound back. One thing I liked about it is I can hear it go off from anywhere in the house. Important to me since I have it for imessage (only)

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