Lost Ipad..photos posted via dropbox-help!

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    Sep 7, 2013
    I live in Mexico and left my iPad 3rd gen, wifi only in a taxi a couple of weeks ago. I tried all ways to find it, and this morning some photos uploaded to my dropbox account.

    I DID use FindMyPhone and tried to lock it with a message. The iPad did NOTlock, but they took and uploaded photos, and the iCould geolocator NEVER found my iPad.

    I have had NO Luck finding any GPS info on the photos. I am starting to think it is not possible. I used Preview, Command-i, then EXIF tab tried..but no geo info that I can see.

    IS THIS POSSIBLE TO FIND AT ALL !? I am frustrated because I am so close. I need to know if the iPad is still in my city, at least.

    The photos were taken of an empty school room. And appear to be taken by teacher (were taken first day of school, before kids in class). I can see the color of kids uniforms which tells me which school to go to, but ONLY if the iPad is still in my city!

    Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Mar 8, 2012
    Why don't you go and show somebody the pictures, chances are if that's the school then people will recognize the classroom and then you can plan how to trick them into saying they got an iPad.
    It's a shame that stuff like this happens all because people go to shady places to buy second hand stuff.
    And the cab driver could have said it was his, but unless Mexico is so different from Colombia (which I doubt), there is no cab driver who would buy such an expensive device as the iPad is.

    Just an idea anyway.

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