Lost iPhone 4, seeking advice.

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  1. Alorain macrumors newbie

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    So, roughly 36 hours ago, I lost my 2 year old iPhone 4. I've been pretty upset for the past day but have come to grips with it, and am ready to accept it as a goner (I searched all the way along the route of my 2km+ intoxicated night-time walk home from a bar, somewhere along the way my phone must have fallen from my pocket... I hopped a few fences and hedgerows... :rolleyes:).

    I didn't have ICloud/Find My iPhone set up unfortunately, and my battery had already died early the next morning, judging from the fact that it goes straight to voice-mail when I call it now.

    The route upon which it was lost is quite rural, so it may or may not even be found by anyone before it is destroyed in a rainshower, but I have a few questions:

    1. My phone was logged into my facebook app, and has access to my two email accounts. How can I protect my privacy if someone were to find the phone? If I change my passwords for these accounts, will the phone apps "fail" to update, and lose access to the server?

    2. I know I can get the IMEI number blacklisted, so it can't be used to make calls, but even better, can I get my carrier (Telus, Canada)to remotely "brick" the phone, so my photos/videos aren't able to be browsed on the phone? Ie) If someone finds the phone and charges it, as soon as it connects to my carrier, the phone receives the command and is "killed".

    I actually wish anyone who finds my phone all the best, they can keep it, i lost it through my own stupidity, but i'm hoping my friends and family members' privacy won't have to suffer due to my mishap.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!
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    1. Yes, all you have to do is go in and change all your passwords. Then they wont be able to log in to your email, facebook etc..

    2. No, your carrier cannot remote wipe it or brick it or kill it. All they can do is blacklist the IMEI so it cannot be used on another Canadian carrier. Next time setup a passcode lock so noone can get into your private information and would be a good idea if you install the find my iphone feature too.
  3. JennyY macrumors newbie

    Aug 8, 2012
    If you ever put ilostfinder in your iPhone, you may get it back. It is an iOS Anti-theft app. If someone picks up your iPhone and types the wrong passwords, ilostfinder will take photo of him/her and sends the photo to your email. Then, you will be able to get your iPhone back.

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