lost iPhone contacts when un-syncing

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    My friend had all her contacts from her mobile moved to her new iPhone at the store. Today I helped her get her phone set up with iTunes on her PC for the first time. I let it synch everything with the default settings. When that was done I did the OS upgrade to 4.0.1. Later I discovered she didn't want contacts from Outlook which she never uses anymore. So I went into Info in iTunes and unchecked sync with Outlook - and then received the option to have recently synced addresses from Outlook removed from the iPhone.. and thought this would be great. I just had a call from by my distressed friend who said that absolutey all her contacts were errased from her phone and that numbers now appear in place of names in her text message history. Is there any way to recover her iPhone contacts.
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    They got deleted, since you unchecked the sync with Outlook. Your only hope is to restore from a backup and hope the backup has the contacts.

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