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    "A few weeks ago my friend got his iPhone 6 stolen in a restaurant.

    We noticed it quickly but the phone was already turned off when we tried to call it. We did setup “lost mode” via Find my iPhone.

    We gave the restaurant my number so that they could call, incase the phone was found. Half an hour later, a guy calls my number and asks for Apple ID and password, explains it’s so that he can see on the internet where the phone is or some similar ********. He was very insisting. We went back to the place and acted like we understood the call to have been about them having found the phone, no luck, though the guy kept pressuring my friend to give his Apple ID and password.

    A week later, my friend received Chinese phising emails for his Apple ID. I was convinced it was a coincidence, because how could a thief find his email address? My friend got same emails to his secondary email address, and some days later, same phising stuff sent via iMessage. So I am starting to think that it’s not a coincidence.

    Question 1: Is it possible to obtain owner info (email / iMessage ID) from an iPhone in lost mode? This is puzzling to me.

    Question 2: Is there any use for an iPhone to which you do not have the Apple ID account info?

    I am under the impression that in theory a locked phone should be useless without the Apple ID account password, and based on the first episode, where they clearly want the account info, it’s somewhat confirming this, but my friend claims there are shops that can bypass the lock, of course this is just hearsay, as she can’t point me to these shops."
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    Call Apple and ask those questions. If you are in the US 1 (800) 692-7753

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