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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Dark Dragon, Jun 26, 2012.

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    My Brother lost his iPod touch, i have my own jailbroken iPod touch, his iPod touch is jailbroken, too, its Location Services are Disabled, i tried Find My iPhone but it failed(obviously its a fail app XP) the only thing i got from Find my iPhone is: "XXXXX's ipod Location Services Disabled" i think that the iPod's wifi is enabled, we both got Line, when i try to call the iPod, it says: Connecting, and then it says "CALLING"!!!!, but i have searched the whole apartment corporating with my bro -while its calling on LINE- but no luck, i have the app called "IP Scanner", i have opened it to find out if its connected to "OuR" Router, but it only shows the router and my iPod in the scan results!, any ideas?
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    What happens if the person that found it reinstalls the OS and wipes out all the apps? Will the "find device" programs still work? Are they based on SN?

    I'm asking because if someone wanted to keep the iPod, they'd probably just do a restore and all your info/apps would be gone.

    Anyways, you can see if Apple will do something, but that can be a long shot because someone could just say they bought it off CL.

    Did you post a lost and found on your local CL?
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    SN?, CL?, whats these?, anyways, yes of course Find My iPhone is able to work with the target device as long as the apple id and password that i enter in FMI are still insterted as the device's Apple ID, and i think that we lost it somewhere in the house, maybe the volume is completely off, because if i open LINE and attemp to call it, it says "CALLING" , but i dont hear any ringing in the whole apartment :S
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    Dude, if location service is off there is nothing you can do,

    SN means seral number, use google if you don't iunderstand a term

    also if its been more then 30 days forget it, Buy one off cregs lists or kijijijijji
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    Ah, That wasn't Really Helpful :|
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    May 11, 2012
    Well there is nothing you can do, so there is no help to give.
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    Ah, Okay, Thanks :/
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    I know it sucks alot, but your best bet it to buy another one used.

    Money is the root of evil and anyone\everyone will do what ever they wish to get some. Its the sad part of our human race.
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    Jailbreaks/IOS Hacks
    well if you take care of your iPod touches ahemmmm not jail breaking, disabling location services... etc this wouldn't happen. cause now, apple won't replace it because it was jailbroken, and chances are, someone else has already restored it and erased all apps/data. sorry but thats my $.00.02
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    Just to give my two cents, how old are you kid? 12? If you ask me, you are another guy that is like "Jailbreaking is cool, yo!", dont know one freakin' thing about iPods, and would have probably ended up bricking your device anyway. Its people like you that should not be jailbreaking iPods. Plus, disabling Location Services? Who are you the FBI? :rolleyes: People cant find where you live? Sorry to break it to you, you live in an apartment complex not sure too many people would want to know where you live.
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    Jun 21, 2012
    If it's jailbroken don't even bother. FMIP is NOT a "Fail App". It's probably because you use a Cydia Version of it thats "Cool". STOP Messing around with a product thats already good.

    And you warranty has been voided ;)

    Nice work messing up a perfectly good Touch.
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    Just make sure that you enable Location Services and enable Find My iPhone on your new one -- it'll save your hind if this happens again.
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    Yeh, he does have a cool app, its called "Brick my Device".
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    Jun 7, 2011
    What does jailbreaking have to do with it? I have jailbroken my iphone 4, ipad2, and ipad 3 and have never had a problem with the fmi service. Obviously turning location services off is the problem. Also, jailbreaking is not messing with a perfect product. I jailbreak to get better use of certain apps (aka MLB At Bat so I can watch local games) and pdanet so I don't have to pay twice for (and lose my unlimited status) my data plan. JB is not only about re-skinning the OS. And anyway, none of them are "perfect" products. Nothing is perfect.

    Oh yeah if you do find it and ever need to service it, just restore it and your warranty is intact.
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    No, it's the love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil.
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    How are your posts relevant? These forums used to be great and helpful it's people like you and posts like yours that ruined the forums.

    Why should you care if he jailbroke HIS device, which belongs to him. Who are you? The anti-jailbreak Apple police?
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    Thanks, macingman, i thought these guys would destroy my post, thanks man, everything you said is so true.

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