Lost iPod Video - What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by HelixOmnimedia, Sep 28, 2006.

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    I've just returned from New York (Apple Store was Amazing), anyway I fell asleep during the flight and with the bump of the landing my iPod Video fell to the floor. I was sandwiched between two people and I’m quick large so I couldn’t reach it. I immediately pressed the cabin crew call button, but they didn’t come until the plane had full landed.
    Doors opened and everyone began moving around. I checked six rows in front and 4 behind (was in the tail section), but the iPod had vanished. (I’m 90% sure that the people behind me took it – but I can’t prove it).
    I reported this to the cabin crew, the cleaning crew, the ground crew, three British Airways desks and filled in a lost property form.

    What should I do now? Will contacting Apple help? I’m completely at a loss without it, just hope my home insurance can cover it (only got medical holiday insurance).

    Thanks for any advice.
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    There's not much you can do beyond what you've already done.

    You may be able to contact Apple and have them flag the serial number in case someone brings/sends it in for repair. But they won't be able to actively help find your iPod.
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    Do you have the serial number of the iPod?

    Otherwise I don't think theres much you can do.

    EDIT: beaten.
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    if you bought with your credit card, check if they have any sort of protection for something like that. Amex certainly does (which is why i make all important purchases with it). If you lose/break/destroy something within 90 days of purchasing something with an Amex card - even if you destroyed it on purpose - you can call Amex and they will credit you the amount of your purchase. of course you don't want to abuse this privilege, but it's a great benefit of having an Amex card.
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    I don't have a credit card :eek: sometimes i wish i did, as you said for important purchases so there's some sort of comeback on it.

    Holiday insurance didn't cover it - only the medical stuff. Home Insurance didn't cover it, as there's an extra policy you need to pay for taking objects outwith your house... Good things i found this out the now, as i've been taking my PowerBook to university and back (120mile round trip) and i've always thought it was covered in the home insurance - anyway i payed the extra £12.99 - it is now.

    As for the iPod - British Airways was no help, reported it to Apple and my local police (like they'd be able to do anything but eat doughnuts:D) So...

    My parents on Saturday (yesterday) were flying to Spain, so i asked them to pick me up a NEW iPod Video Black (tax free from airport)...
    then I came on here and read more rumors about a FullScreen iPod, and called airport security to get in contact with them, to tell them i didn't want it anymore... but to get the Green iPod Nano instead (only £100).

    Thanks for all the concerns and helpful suggestions. :)

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