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    Aug 1, 2010
    Just got my Mac (first one). I was trying to setup to talk to the wireless printer (to no avail), but noticed that it was picking up 3 folders in my old PC as a Shared user. This was great, as it would make it easy to transfer stuff. I think to get to the folders all I had to do was login with my router password. I don't know if the Shared folder been this way since I first booted the MAC, or something while I was trying to access the wireless printer.

    Well somewhere along the lines of downloading some new utility software and running spy checks, I seem to have lost connection. I don't know if one of the utilities I tried to use, or a spychecker disconnected it, but the guest connection doesn't actually link to the computer, and trying to login with the password, it still calls me a guest.

    This is frustrating, as I don't know how or when I linked up, nor what I did to lose it. Any help would be appreciated, since we are still using both computers. And I really like to be able to get to the PC files through the Mac.

    P.S. I'm using Windows XP.
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    What is your "PC" running? Is it running 2000, XP, Me, Windows 7 or 95?
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    Give this a shot

    Your router user name and password would have nothing to do with sharing unless one of the computers is wireless, and at that point it would only be for getting that said computer on the internet.

    I have worked many times with Windows from XP - 7, and OS X, to get them seeing each other, and sharing files. First thing is to make sure your PC is on a domain, Windows defaults to "Workgroup". I always change mine. You can find this and the name of the Windows computer by going to start/right click on my computer/properties/computer name (i believe). You don't have to change the workgroup, thats personal choice. Write down the name of the computer. Close out of the open window. Share out the drives you want on the Windows computer.

    Go to the Mac press command k. type smb://"name of your Windows pc"
    If your printer is connected to the Windows PC, make sure you share it out as well, and give it a short name. I have run into problems where the mac does not like the full name of a printer. At that point if you want the mac to auto log in to the pc you can find that on the mac under system preferences/accounts/login items, and manually add the shared drive or folder, or whatever from the pc. I always make sure to also choose file sharing under sharing in the system prefs in the mac.

    If you have a user name on the pc, you would use that to log in from the mac. Same goes for the password, if you use one on the pc, use it to log in on the mac.

    Hope that helps.

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