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    I went on vacation overseas last month with my iPhone 6, and I always have “Use Cellular Data” on under my iCloud Drive setting since I bought local SIM cards. I took a lot of photos while scuba diving in Japan, then on Oct 18th I lost my phone when I arrived in Hong Kong. I went to the local Apple Store and bought the iPhone 7 the next day, after some effort I was able to restore my data on the new phone, almost.

    For some reason the last photo on iCloud was from 16th taken in Japan, but I am sure I had internet data all the time since I was using WhatsApp and Line constantly. Not only that, some text in Message disappeared. In WhatsApp all messages and photos between 13th and 18th (inclusive) disappeared. Similar situation with Line, but instead of complete lost between the dates, the photos are still there, and text now shows "Letter Sealing".

    So the question is why my photos are not ALWAYS synchronized to iCloud? There was no difference between 16th and 17th, I was using the same Japan SIM card.

    For WhatsApp and Line, I know I have enabled end-to-end encryption, but where are the keys being stored? I don't think it depends on the SIM card, could be the phone itself? Would like to recover photos and videos sent via WhatsApp if possible.

    PS. I clicked on "Resolved" by mistake but can't find a way to uncheck it.
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    Unfortunately Icloud Photo Library only syncs over wifi, icloud drive and icloud photos are seperate.

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