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    Jul 8, 2012
    2 days ago during a routine back-up session on my iphone 4g 5.1.1 i noticed that after my backup that my pictures were not present in my camera roll. i had nearly 1500 pictures saved to my itunes since my 3g and 3gs days and now there gone just like that. i probably made an idiotic move by restoring and then backing up to see if that would retrieve the pics but ehhh nothing!!.... . Im currently running the latest firm on a windows PC....my iphone nothing special no jailbreak just OEM iphone 4g now pictureless...if n e of u guys have a solution to this problem that would be awesome but if not ill just sit here and glout lol !! thanks
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    Jul 8, 2012
    thanks for the help ...you wouldnt happen to have a link to a backup extractor yourself would you?
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    Oct 30, 2002
    I personally just used this one last night to save all my brother's photos of his kids that he never synced.


    It's free, and awesome... just saved ALL of your iPhone data, then you can retrieve the files.

    They also make a tool JUST for photos and it's SUPER easy. Called PICTURESCUE. It's linked from the site. Picturescue runs $10 though. The other tool, which saved EVERYTHING is free.

    Also saw iBackupviewer... that was a great tool to look into the the backups on the computer and see what data was in them.

    Just wanted to share since a lot of crazyness happened after my brother "lost" all his data on his iPhone... and I was able to find it all using these software solutions.
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    Before each restore and before each back-up, iTunes will automatically back up your iPhone. These backups include your then current Camera Roll photos, screenshots, images saved, and videos taken. More about what the iOS backup contains here:


    Just go back to your iTunes, connect your iPhone and restore once more. This time when asked to restore from file - select the backup with the date and time stamp just before you did your first recent restore. This should restore your photos.

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