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    True but....

    With every review is pretty much panning the port with most emphasis on frame rate with average scores of around 5 or 6/10 :(

    If they are all picking up on the desperately bad frame rate - there has to be something wrong with it. One reviewer, its opinion... Three reviewers, its not looking good, Five reviews I've read and all of them talking about it... That's not just opinion, there has to be some merit of truth.

    I wondered why they have not released the single player demo as they did with the 360 on marketplace.

    Actually what Irks me more is that these review sites must have all played the previews and such, so how the hell do they get from 'its shaping up to be a great game with enhanced visuals' to 'err it sucks'... Surely the framerate problems and poor visuals didn't just materialize over night. They had to be present in the previews.

    From various reviews IGN, PSX Extreme, VideoGamer etc..

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    hardly surprising given those lukewarm screenshots Capcom has released leading up to it. It never looks good when multiple sites are slamming the game!

    But for previews, IGN n 1up have both kind of addressed it as they generally give a game the benefit of the doubt. Issues like framerate, pop-in, etc. can usually be fixed by a decent devloper since it comes late in the dev cycle. I agree they should be more critical during previews but I see their point that if they just crush a game in a preview, who the hell is gonna even keep it on their radar even if it fixes up nice?
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    Ps3 case versus 360's nice limited edition. I don't know if a collectors edition is available on ps3.

    So anyway how is it? and how does a 12 month in development PORT of a 360 game hold up?

    There are certainly differences and here's the first which really annoyed me.

    BLOODY INSTALL So Capcom have graced us with YET another PS3 game that has to be installed before play and it takes 20 minutes. :rolleyes: This of course wouldn't be too bad if it meant we get much faster load times however I can testify that even with it being installed on the HDD, levels still load near identical to the 360's DVD. So really Capcom what was the point ? Sure give us the option of installing the game but don't force us to install if there are zero improvements in loading. It's irksome and wastes HDD space.

    Do things improve after this initial pain in the rectum?

    Yes and no. And here's why.....

    Frame-rate. Is a strange one. The game feels and looks slower on the Ps3 but not necessarily because of frame-rate problem more it seems to have been noticeably slowed down. I played the first few missions with the 360 version running side by side with it.

    There certainly are frame-rate issues in areas though (the big snow/sand worm level for example was certainly verging very close to painful), but they are not so far from what I have played reached the point of being totally unplayable. But that's still not a good indictment really is it?

    The 360 version is much smoother all round frame rate wise, but as this was the lead development it's hardly surprising but when games like DMC4 are identical and there was a 12 month extra development frame it is disappointing.

    But the real disappointment is not in the cut scenes which are as far as I can tell almost identical (there is a kind of gaussian crosshatching on the out of focus effect which looks rough around the edges compared to the 360 version), but in the actual game levels.


    In the 360 version textures are sharp. You can even tell your character is wearing a fur coat and things. In the Ps3 version everything is super softened or just simply lacking definition. According to one developer interview I read, said this was because the 360 version had more memory allocated to textures, so they had to tone this down for the PS3 version, but it hasn't worked very well.

    Explosions / Motion Blur is also tamed down.

    The game still looks good, but just it doesn't have the visceral impact of the 360 version at all.


    But on the bright-side!

    Rumble.... Yay it supports DS3 (like DMC4) so + point to capcom for that at least.

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