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Lost "Restrictions" passcode -restore from backup?



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Oct 21, 2005
I have an old iPod Touch (4th generation) which runs IOS 6.1.6 and I noticed that "Restrictions" (within "Settings"-"General") is turned ON. I have no idea what/if anything I ever restricted, but I've forgotten the restrictions passcode and so far it says "12 failed passcode attempts". I would like to turn OFF the restrictions altogether.

From what I've read I can factory-reset my iPod, which deletes everything and lets me start off fresh, but if I restore the backup (which I've made prior to resetting it) I'm back to square one! :eek:
Is there a way to reset the iPod AND restore the backup but still having "Restrictions" reset?

Alternatively, if the above is impossible (or very time consuming), is there a way to back up and then (after the iPod has been factory reset) put back the following:

- all my email account settings (passwords, server settings etc.)
- all my reminders (in the "Reminders" app)
- all my notes (in the "Notes" app)

I have the iMazing app on my Mac which allowed me to transfer the notes to the Mac (each note as a plain text file). I'm hoping I'll be able to restore the notes again by doing it in reverse (drag and drop the notes from the Mac over to iMazing which will in turn transfer it over to the (newly factory-reset) iPod.

That basically leaves the email settings (not the actual email messages) and reminders. Any chance of backing that up and restoring without re-introducing the forgotten "Restrictions" problem?
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