Lost Vmails!!

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Jlotman, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Jlotman macrumors newbie

    Sep 29, 2014
    When I upgraded to my 6 plus I lost most of my saved voice mails. Worst part some of them were from my father who just passed. Of course Apple blames Verizon and Verizon blames Apple!

    Also lost all my PDF's when I had to reset all settings in my IPad which Apple tier 1 tech ttold me to do, then a tier 2 admitted it was a IOS issue.
  2. Rigby macrumors 601

    Aug 5, 2008
    San Jose, CA
    Sorry to hear about the voice mails. Do you by any chance still have an iTunes backup of the previous phone?
  3. blhoward2 macrumors 6502a

    Sep 19, 2012
    This. If you do, you can get them back with iExplorer. Sorry about your dad...
  4. Jlotman thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 29, 2014
    Tks I tried this and when I did a backup from a more than 6 months old it did come up but those Vmails were from later

    When I did one from the most recent backup there was nothing
    Tks for responding
  5. Trebuin macrumors 65816


    Jun 3, 2008
    Central Cali
    A backup is the only way to pull them from your phone now. I would now try contacting AT&T and elevate this up their chain until you get someone who will resend out your voicemails.

    For others, this is way you always should do a backup before you upgrade software or buy an new phone. Use something like iExplorer to pull voicemail backups off.


    Do you still have your old phone? If you turned it into apple, I would call them asap and ask them to return it to the store to try to pull them off. It's a pain, but good press if they can get it for you.
  6. Stuke00 macrumors 68000

    Oct 11, 2011
    Generally they make you reset the phone when you turn it in. :(
  7. Jlotman thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 29, 2014
    Think im tapped out

    I tried the backups and it was not there
    also called verizon and they said they did not have it on their system

    any last suggestions?

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