Lostar [+ Free Version] (by 2nd Fantasy Entertainment)

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    Jul 1, 2015
    Game: Lostar

    App description:---Rated 5/5 stars by the YouTube channel RaeshCor.

    Lostar is a challenging physics-based puzzler.

    There are lots of interesting puzzles in our physics world. Lostar shows this interesting world to you with creative idea.
    In this game you should move the star to specific table through all the physical interactions. In the process your brain is the only thing you can count on. If you are confident enough, come and challenge our world.

    Easy to learn
    Only simple operation required. What counts is your idea.

    Varied solutions
    There is more than one solution for each level, try to surpass your friends with your smart solution.

    Check Facebook friends
    When you have no idea about one level, you can check your Facebook friends solutions as you can watch their solutions directly in the game for free.
    This game Lostar is full of challenges especially the challenge mode for each level. You may need to discusse the solution amount your friends to pass the challenge levels. Those physical interactions inside are closely connected to each level such as freeeze bomb for Evening and the black hole for Midnight. Lots of features are here waiting for you to discover. And we are looking forward for your feedback and suggestions.

    Here is the trailer:
    And we made a free version for you to have a try.
    There is only 16 levels so if you want to play more after experience this one, you can download the offcial version.

    Lostar-free download link:

    Also you can search "Lostar" and choose the free one.
    App store has featured Lostar as a best new game in China region!

    One more thing is that the game is now paid. But if you can write a review for us and post it somewhere with a number of reading quantity or do a gameplay video on youtube, we are glad to give you some promo code. Try to contact us by sending e-mail to service@camellia-network.com .
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    Jul 1, 2015
    2 gameplay videos here.

    Video by RaeshCor:
    Video by Let's Touch! [Deutsche App-Let's-Plays] :

    The comment translated from Let's Touch!:
    If you're interested in puzzle, strategy games which are also requiring skills, you might be addicted to Lostar. As a treasure among the many games, Lostar has numerous of shinning points such as the various possibilities of completing the levels. You can get the max stars by trying thorugh many times. This is a graceful game in my onpinion with its' music, layout and simple operation mode. It will be a perfect way for you to spend your leisure time."
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    Jul 1, 2015
    The second part of gameplay video from let's touch.
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    Jul 1, 2015
    As we announced before, our company has confirmed the release date for a new version of Lostar. Game players can look forward to two exciting new features that will be available in August. First, we will offer players the chance to become game designers with a DIY function. Players will be able to build their own levels using the existing elements of Lostar. Second, players will be able to play levels designed by other players and challenge friends, family and enemies to solve their own designed games. This interactive feature will provide players with endless challenges and opportunities to display their superior mental skills. We believe this new version will entertain current players of Lostar and attract several new fans.

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