Lots of Beachballs


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May 4, 2012
I am having lots of delays (indicated by spinning beachballs) with response time from keyboard and mouse clicks effected. I have looked at Activity Monitor but nothing seems to be hogging the CPU.

I had this problem several months ago and upgraded my RAM from 4 to 8GB. But I also upgraded to Mavericks about that time, and either due to either one of these changes, the issue improved considerably. But lately it seems to have returned and I'd say its getting worse.

I have the Memory Keeper App and these input delays occur even when it shows 3-4GB of memory free.

I have come to believe that Safari (7.02) is causing this, but I'm not sure....it just seems that way. I'll have to work with Safari closed for awhile and see what happens.

Is there anything with Safari that might cause this to happen? Can anyone think of any reason this could be happening?

Note: I have run disk utility, repaired permissions, but that had no effect. I have 300GB available on my startup disk.

Thanks for any help or guidance.


PS iMac late 2009


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Jan 23, 2005
Have you updated to the newest 10.9.2 version of Mavericks? That seemed to fix a lot of the beach ball issues for people.

If you are still getting a lot of beach balls try making a new temp test account and see if it occurs there. If you do not have the issue in the temp account, that tells you it is some app or utility your are running in your main account.

What do you have set in your login items in System Preferences under Users & Groups?


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Jun 1, 2010
Yep, updating to 10.9.2 certainly fixed the beach ball problem for me. I haven't had any of those 1-2 second beach balls since the update.