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    My atv2 has been acting weird for about 3 days now. I have been using the new cloud feature to watch tv shows I previously purchased, but it has started to say "cannot connect to the itunes store" and I solved this problem by restoring it and setting up the network again. That was two days ago, and yesturday it worked fine. This morning I wake it up to watch a show and i see a message stating that my Apple TV is connected to my wifi but is not connected to the internet. I plugged in a ethernet and the internet was working (I still want to use it with wifi only). I tried to sign into my itunes account an it showed a message telling me that I need to set my network time. I then tried to turn on the aitomatic time zone feature and it would not set itself, So i reset the atv and I am looking at the "Setting Date and Time..." screen now, which has been up for 4 minutes.

    UPDATE: I have sucessfully logged into my itunes account using ethernet, but my problem is that I cannot connect to the internet using wifi. The error message is "Your Apple Tv is conneced to"My network name" but cannot connect to the internet"

    I have the options to choose a new network, configure tcp/ip (I don't really understand how to do this option), and not connect to the internet

    Any ideas?


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