Lots of questions on iMovie+GPU vs CPU

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    Hi everyone, I can't decide between the two desktops so I think a bunch of questions might just make my mind up. You can skip to the questions in the last part but I am also providing my possible configurations and situations for reference. So first, thank you for viewing this thread and your thoughts is appreciated. :)

    ===What I will do on the Mac===
    Heavy iMovie (~3000 photos and ~300 HD Movies in a project)
    Running multiple light apps simultaneously (Parallels, Keynote, many tabs in Safari, and iTunes... etc)
    AirPlay to Apple TV

    ===Possible configurations===
    iMac (Late 2012)
    Baseline Model (1299)
    Quad-core i5-3335S 2.7GHz
    1TB Fusion Drive :cool:
    16GB RAM
    GeForce GT640M

    Mac mini (Late 2012)
    High end Model (799)
    Quad-core i7-3720QM 2.6GHz
    1TB Fusion Drive
    4GB RAM (To 16GB myself later)
    Intel HD 4000

    ===Questions (some might sounds stupid but, just to make sure eveything's right:p)===
    1. Is iMovie going to handle that large amount of photos and videos well?
    2. If yes then will CPU or GPU be more important if I want to have a smooth editing experience in iMovie? (I don't mind if it takes a longer time to export or import a movie, I simply hate lags while editing)
    3. Is hyperthreading going to help the process of editing or just to speed up the export process?
    4. Is there a noticeable difference between i5 and i7 while performing multiple tasks (or running lots of apps at the same time)
    5. I've seen lots of iMac owners complaining, and I'm wondering if its reliable or not as I plan to use it for 4~5 years and I don't want to sell it after a few years when the iMac's HDD fails or dusts in the screen.
    6. Is Parallels CPU or GPU-intensive? Also, can I drag-and-drop files/copy and paste between the two OS?
    7. Is the Intel HD 4000 really that bad? Will the GT640M or/and the future Haswell integrated GPU beat it easily?

    I personally like the portability of the Mac mini but the gorgeous design of the iMac is also very, very attractive (+discrete graphics). I know this thread is a bit too long (please no tl;dr :p) but I am sure I wont be able to make up my mind without your help, so thanks for your valuable suggestions/ideas :)

    P.S. I am not sure where this post should be in, iMac or Mac mini section so forgive me if it's wrong to be here :eek:

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