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    Hello. The company I work for uses stupid Lotus Notes for email. Is it poss the use this in conjunction with my iPad/iPhone?.
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    May 10, 2010
    suffered long from that until my company switched to Exchange and Outlook.

    We had once a pilot in our IT where we use a middle are called DME (or was that the company ?) to connect Notes to iPhone. But they didn't went beyond the pilot.

    When your IT and policies allows you can just install some eMail forwarding in Notes (was not allowed in my company). There is also a connector; depends on which Domino-Server you are.

    I'm happy to got rid of LN; never really liked it ...
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    Aug 7, 2011
    Lotus Notes to MS Outlook Conversion

    Proceed with Export Notes software to get 100% Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion on :cool: ANY Windows version.
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    We use Notes where I work. They installed Notes Traveler on a server, which acts like Exchange ActiveSync - everything is pushed to the phone. Virtually all smartphones supports Exchange ActiveSync.

    They also installed something on the webmail server that detects if you're on an iOS device and gives you a cool mobile interface. Not as nice as having email pushed directly to your phone though.
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    Lotus WebDAV - access business information on your iPad/iPhone

    With Lialis Lotus WebDAV you can download, upload and synchronize information in Domino databases directly to your iPad, iPhone, etc. The download for one user is free and will be available in October: http://www.lialis.com/lotussolutionprovider.nsf/pages/lotuswebdav Hopefully this solution will improve your opinion about Lotus Notes.
    Information about Lotus Traveler, mentioned previously in this post: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/notes/traveler.html

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