Loud electronic sounds coming from Macbook Pro

Webster's Mac

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Dec 18, 2016
Mine has some slight electrical sound like that. Loud sounds is definitely abnormal...but soft sounds should be ok


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Oct 12, 2018
Sound like the noise in this video?

I had a similar crackly/electrically noise to this but was also a some other noise almost like a beeping in a 2011 MBP late last year.
Thought the noise was from the HD, it was getting old and slow.
Replaced the HD with a SSD, noise seemed to stop but I wasn't using this laptop much after this was done.
At a later date, I was sitting next to the main user of this laptop while it was being used and heard this noise again.
After a bit of investigating, I tracked it down the fan that was making the noise, I replaced the fan and it's been quiet ever since.
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