Love Dice Released (Valentines Day Fun)

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by bona, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Dynamic Realms is proud to announce the release of Love Dive v1.0 to the iTunes App Store. Love Dice are a fun way to put some spice into your love life by reconnecting with your partner and is an entertaining and creative tool for couples. Love Dice provides two main options for a couple, each providing increasingly risky die for both the “Body” and “Action” categories. You choose the risk level you are comfortable with then enjoy! For those who want a little more variety and spice, Love Dice also provides two other optional dice, the “Location” and “Duration” dice. With these extra dice a very specific activity can be played out. Mix and match the dice and their various levels of risk, locations, and durations to provide endless, and sometimes adventuresome, combinations. If you roll a question mark, feel free to choose or let your partner decide. Most of all be prepared to have some fun and make any day, Valentine's Day!

    Love Dice is powered by our dynamicDICE engine, which provides a powerful, highly realistic, and surreal true 3D graphical dice rolling experience. The dynamicDICE engine provides full range of view of the dice on the table from any angle just by rotating or tilting your iPhone. Shake the iPhone to make a roll, or just push the roll button. You can even lock the dice so that they will not roll, just in case your partner does not believe you and want to see for themselves!

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    I can't wait! Oh wait a minute... We got 51 more weeks until Valentines day yet.
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    We just wanted to give you plenty of time to practice :)

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