Love my watch but understand why people are frustrated

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by zhangsp012, Jun 14, 2015.

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    May 26, 2015
    I have been using my apple watch for three days. It is doing exactly what I expect it to do and I really like it. It is beautiful and very helpful for work. I read a lot about the compliments and complains about it here and I always thought it was just a watch, disappointments might come from unfair high expectations for a watch. But I understand it better after started to wear my watch.

    I didn't wear watches before this. Now I am on my leather loop watch for three days and I found the watch is a quite different experience from other smart devices. Because rather than smart phones stay in your pocket, this thing is on you. I aware its presence all the time. Besides that, it is right on your hand, therefore the most convenient way if you want to use smart device to do search, check information or get entertained. All of these make you want to use it and it become the first thing come to my mind if I need to use smart devices. But right know, without native apps, what you can do is quite limited, especially on the entertainment part.

    Basically what I am saying is, we don't expect too much from this small screen, but the watch still naturally becomes your first option of smart devices. At current stage its function is limited. Hopefully things would get much better on watchOS 2.
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    How would you like the watch to entertain you? If it's more than a joke of the day or something like that, why don't you have your phone out? Seems like continuous interaction is the last thing Apple wants of the watch.

    Honestly, right now, the watch reminds me a bit of sideshow.

    What I want is things you can't do easily or quickly with the phone. Sort of like choosing to pick up my iPad instead of my MacBook for lots of things that benefit from the simplicity and focus.
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    I came to the conclusion so far after owning two pebble watches and now the apple watch.

    The main think a small screen watch is good for is status updates.

    News headlines
    Email titles
    Activity tracking
    And triggering home automation

    I've found so far using the apple watch for anything beyond that is a pretty thankless proposition. Maybe with faster loading of native apps in watch os 2 it will improve but I feel it's more of an issue with screen size. Why read news360, or try to game...shoot even using calf it isn't exact,y fast

    One exception is replying to texts Etc. That's a nice feature and voice recognition works pretty well

    Additionally the way they decided to do the homescreen to me is awful

    Taps are imprecise, there's no way to quickly allhabetize, and the circles lead to uneven layout.

    In a couple days owning it I'm honest,h questioning if the uses for it will improve enough to warrant any smartwatchy upgrade.

    If you've got something that can quickly display info, that's about 95% of what a smart watch is good at.

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