Lovebird! Never forget an anniversary again!

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    How many times have you forgotten your anniversary with your loved one?
    How many times people have asked you how long you are together and you did't remember or you never have thought about it?

    Never fear, lovebird is here!

    ** Relationship timer **
    Set the date you two lovebirds mated and lovebird will show you how long you are together!

    ** Photos **
    Tap on the two lovebirds frames and add a photo of yourself and your loved one

    ** Monthly anniversary reminder **
    Set a time and lovebird will remind you each month, how many months you are together with your loved one. Just give him/her a call and wish yourselves happy anniversary

    ** Status update **
    Share your relationship status with your friends on facebook and twitter

    ** Break-up **
    Are you sure you broke up? Shake your device (you are probably very angry, so release all your energy to the app) and reset lovebird, for a new love to come

    --features in next version
    - Reminder 1, 2 or 3 days before the anniversary
    - Translations in Greek, German, French

    Hope you like it!

    Give it a try for free! Download from the AppStore!

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