Loving my Power Support Crystal Film & GelaSkins combo! (pics & review)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by xolan99, May 13, 2010.

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    So I'm one of those who are paranoid about scratching my iPad (mainly because I scratched the screen of my original 16gb Wifi iPad - luckily I was able to sell it on eBay for about 95% of what I originally paid.)

    When I got the 3G 32gb, I wanted to be super careful with it but found that I wasn't enjoying it because I was handling it like it was a piece of fragile glass.

    So I bought the Power Support Crystal Film mainly because I loved their product for the iPhone 3GS and I also bought a Gelaskin back (also something I once bought for the iPhone 3G).

    Both came in the mail today and I've applied them both.

    Initial thoughts:

    1) The Power Support Crystal Film takes some patience to put on and YMMV but could be easier or harder than putting on a screen protector on the iPhone. In my case, I tried an iLuv screen protector but that thing kept getting air bubbles and was harder than my experience on an iPhone.

    The Power Support however was a lot easier for some reason than my experience with the iPhone. It's sturdier than the iLuv protector and thus I don't think it's prone to air bubbles as easy. My application was almost perfect and I think it was just luck in that i was able to align it perfectly right away. There are a few dust bits and one tiny air bubble but overall I was quite pleased - and surprised - at how well I was able to do it and easily as well.

    Like the iPhone it pretty much disappears into the screen. One look and you won't even notice it's there. I've swiped my fingers around on it and if it's like the iPhone, you feel little bumps here and there at first but overtime they flatten out and it feels almost natural and a part of the glass.

    The downside though is that the screen protector does pick up smudges and arguably picks them up worse than not having one at all, but I would rather have smudges than scratches. I heard the AntiGlare screen is better for fingerprint resistance.

    2) For the back (yes, I'm paranoid about scratches there too) I purchased a GelaSkins skin. Putting this on was a cinch and left pretty much no air bubbles. To add some "Apple" ness to the skin, I added my Apple sticker from the 3GS.

    Overall even though it cost me about $50-$60 total I'm happy with the protector + skin combo because now I feel like I can lay this thing down on a hard table, on my jeans or wherever without worrying about scratching. I've used both products on my iPhone and they both were satisfying products in terms of protection for the iPhone.

    If anyone is looking to protect their iPad using simple solutions without adding bulk, these two things might be worth looking at.




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    The exposed edges is what worries me. That looks good though. Gratz!
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    Apr 18, 2010
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    Nice review! I just ordered my custom decal skin from uniqueskins for 10 bucks. Can't wait to install it on my iPad. Hopefully there's little grip on the skin. I don't like the slipperiness of the aluminum.

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