Low Capacity SSD Advice?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mmoin, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    My parents are planning to buy the baseline refurbished unibody MacBook Pro from the Apple Store to replace an old MacBook they use for their business. They might also get a solid state drive - I have the Intel X-25M 160gb, which I love, but they really don't need more than 40gb or so. Is there a low capacity SSD out there that offers similar performance to the X-25M? Or should I just recommend that they get the X-25M 80gb?

    In a related question, you can replace the HD of the unibody MBP, right? I assume that must be the case but I haven't seen an exact statement to this effect anywhere online.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Yes, there are guides online in the usual places (say iFixIt).
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    There is 80GB Intel X-25M for 200$. 64GB SSDs go for around 150$, e.g. this.

    Keep in mind that OS X takes about 7GB and formatting eats up some space as well so I would say the 80GB has around 70GB space left after OS X. I wouldn't get smaller than 64GB as the performance gets worse when the drive is fuller.

    Replacing the HD does not void your warranty but it's recommended to keep the old one and put it bad if it has to be sent to Apple. Install videos
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    Thanks for the recommendations! I will go with one of them - I wanted to save some money, but now that I look, they probably wouldn't save more than $60 by going super low capacity. I'll go with a 64gb or 80gb.
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