Low Cost Sound levelling software Needed for AIFF-C Bird Sounds

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Melbourne Park, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Melbourne Park, Sep 20, 2013
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    I am lost with this one ...

    Being a Mac person, I told my medical specialist sister-in-law (actually my brother in law's wife) who has spent a lot of time with bird sounds she recorded I think with her quality dictation recorder (how dumb considering that the basis for stereophile sound was always put the quality at the beginning ie turntable first etc ...

    But anyway, I have 20 odd AIFF-C tracks, and their volume is all over the place. I need to level it more ... and also, their is sum hum at low volumes.

    I thought I could use Garage band but it does not seem suited, and the sound control features in Final Cut Pro may not work plus I doubt I could output them back to a CD. I need to be able to output them to a standard CD form.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You might want to try using a compressor. I don't use Garageband, but there probably is a compressor plugin in there. To get rid of the hum, you'll probably need to invest in a plugin designed for that purpose.
  3. ChrisA, Sep 22, 2013
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    If you are only going to change the volume level of an entire file an you only have 20 files, Garage Band should work OK. Import the files one at a time, look at them using the UV meter then adjust by hand they peak at -3dB or 0dB or whatever you like. Next export them to iTunes.

    Inside iTune make a "playlist" of all your recording. Right click the list and select burn to CD and then select "audio disk" asthe format. You may need to make two or more playlists of they all can't fit on one CD.

    You can do better if you have more software. For example the Waves and or iZope plug-in de-noise filters are VERY good at removing hum and you can better master the recording using dithering, compression, EQ and what not. But you end up spending some real money of the profesional level software.

    In Garage Band with none of the Waves or iZope plug-ins your best bet for removing hum is to EQ it away. Simply squash everything below say 80Hz and hope birds don't sing in that range (I doubt they do). The plug-ins will have very narrow range filters that can take out a hum and it's first N harmonics and no much else, the EQ is rather broad band.


    Yes a compressor will work if you set the release to "way slow" but the OP only has 20 tracks and volume automation can work. He can just draw the volume line by hand and keep an eye one the uV meter.

    I think it depends on if he wants milisecond level volume control or just to bring the entire track up or down. But GB and iTunes has most of what is needed.

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