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Discussion in 'iMac' started by DeafRaiders, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. DeafRaiders macrumors regular

    Sep 26, 2012
    Caotbridge (outside Glasgow, UK)
    I have iMac late 2012 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM. I only have like 300GB left. I want to know what is taking up all my space i use DaisyDisk amazing piece of software i found out like my User it take most of it up including my Photos folder. I have Folder of photos and Photo app. Do I need to keep the folder of photos which i have already imported into Photos app or can i just remove the folder and they will still be stored in Photos app. The problem is my Photos folder its only 54GB so that not much.

    I used to have Parallels with Windows 7 on it but i removed that which didn't make a difference either.

    Only apps i have is Adobe CS6 Master Suite, Twiiter, Facebook, and few video files but there are on an external Drive.
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    Well 600GB+ of space used does seem excessive. With that Parallels just because you removed the app does not mean the virtual machine got removed. That will be multi-gigabytes there itself (last time I did win7 install basic was 20GB+ swap file will be another 16GB+ on top of that) so get rid of that. Then look at the Daisy output and check all the large folders to see if you need all the files that are there if not they go oh and make sure you have emptied the Trash them files stay on the computer until emptied. In short go over everything deleting what is not needed.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Firstly turn of time machine, reboot and turn it back on again.

    Get rid of any duplicate folders using daisy disk and yes those photos should now also be in your photos library folder as well.

    To be honest it is almost impossible for anyone to tell where your problem is without seeing your system.
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    As mentioned above, reboot first.

    I would suggest a small, free app named "DiskWave":

    So easy to use, no description is necessary.

    Having said that, do you use Time Machine?
    Do you have "local backups" enabled (or something like that)?
    If so, turn that OFF and reboot again.
    Any better?
  5. DeafRaiders thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 26, 2012
    Caotbridge (outside Glasgow, UK)
    I did delete the virtual machine I thing along with windows applications folde.

    I do use time machine
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    As long as you have this box checked in Photos preferences at the time you imported the photos, the photos will be stored in the Photos library and you can delete them from the other folder.


    Run the command below in Terminal an post the output up here for us to take a look. This will show hidden and system files not shown by many of the GUI apps mentioned.

    The command takes a minute or two to complete, so be sure to wait for it to finish.

    This command will also show us how much space is being used by Time Machine's local snapshots.

    sudo du -d 1 -x -c -g /

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