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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleFan360, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Last Friday I turned on my iPhone and discovered that the entire lower third of the touch screen would not work. Made it kind of difficult to unlock the phone or make a call. :)

    First of all I take very good care of the iPhone. It's always in a rubber skin and packed away in carry case. I dropped it a few times a while back but there was no damage because the rubber skin cushioned the fall.

    I took it to the Apple store and the employee first looked in the headphone jack (which I assume was to check for water issues) and then looked very closely at the screen. He could not find any surface scratches (which is true since I keep the screen clean and protected).

    He happily exchanged the phone. Of course if he didn't, I would have raised hell since the teenager ahead of me brought in a dead iPhone with nicks and scratched all over it. :)

    I guess my question is has anyone else seen this problem? I asked the Apple store employee if he has seen this issue. He said yes but on different parts of the screen.

    I hope this isn't a trend. This is my 3rd iPhone in 6 months. The first iPhone was faulty right from the beginning. The second one worked great up until last Friday.

    I will admit though, changing phones is a breeze. iTunes restores just about everything (including internet cookies, pictures taken by the phone, chat history etc). The only stuff I had to enter were the passwords for my e-mail accounts and re-sync music and video. It's like I never changed phones. Pretty amazing and kudos to Apple making it easy.
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Just something that happens I guess. Its good to hear that you got it sorted and hasnt caused you any problems.

    As I have been discussing with my Dad thats the beauty of the Apple Store and their service, try and do that with any other phone!!

    My iPhone will be coming up to 6 months in action soon, has worked pretty much perfectly so far so touch wood!!

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