iPod touch Lower the Volume?


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Sep 11, 2007
When I use my iPod at night, I really need a volume that is about 20% of what it currently is on the lowest setting. If I set a volume limit on the lowest volume, that doesn't allow me to lower the volume any further-- it just lets me change the volume slight amounts a little easier. Does anyone know a way that I can lower the volume (except having the earbuds out of my ear :p)?


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Mar 9, 2006
Does anyone know if this is possible? Do different (non-Apple) earbuds make a difference?
Well I have a cheap pair of radioshack headphones, and they have a volume control on the cord, which is really cool. I just turn my ipod all the way up, and adjust with the cord thing. I am sure there are others that do this also. This can get you finely tunes volume control in my opinion.
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