Lowest Priced Shipping Labels Printed From Home?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HappyDude20, Dec 31, 2018.

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    hi, so I downloaded the usps app in hope of mailing out a tiny package weighing less than 50 grams over to my friend that lives about 20 miles away. I can’t see him this New Years so I was planning on mailing him an Apple Watch band via regular mail.

    I created an usps account and saw that I’m only offered priority mailing prices that start at about over $5 and ideally for something this small and weighing so little I’m surprised I’m not given a lower priced option. I’ve mailed Apple Watch bands to him for less than 2 dollars which arrive in about a week.

    The usps app either only offers priority and express shipping as I don’t see cheaper options within their app or website and was wondering if anyone knew of lower priced alternatives. I know I can just go pay for it at the usps location in person but considering today is the 31st I am seeing long lines and I’d rather just drop off the already paid postage envelope over to him.
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    If you go to USPS.com and select the price calculator option from the drop down you should be able to pick the size, weight, and what type of box you are shipping it in. It should then show you the price of 2-day, 3-day, usps retail ground, and media mail. You are not seeing this?

    You can also select the mail services which has all of their options.

    Have you looked at Fedex or UPS?
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    If you have Paypal, PayPal.com/shipnow

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