LP171WE2 TL A2 --- Replacement LCD problem - HELP!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by biafradog, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Oct 12, 2010
    Here's the scenario:

    a) I have a MBP 2.16 Core Duo that I purchased new back in 2006 (big mistake!). I spilled coffee on the edge of the display about 4 months after I bought it and a bit of it through heat osmosis or something managed to get sucked up into the bottom of the screen itself. Annoying but tolerable given Apple's extortional price for a replacement (I think $800+ was the quote a few years ago). Laughter was the response.

    Recently, long out of warranty, I finally had the inclination to pick up a cheap replacement screen (not the Apple replacement insanity) and follow the iFixIt guides for replacing the LCD and fixing the thermal paste issues with this thing.

    b) So I bought what I thought was (and a lot of sites list as a compatible replacement) LCD display for this model. The machine is an A1151. The LCD I removed is model LP171WE2 (TL) (A1). After some searching, I found a LP171WE2 (TL) (A2) at a good price online. But nooooo, there is some difference between the (A1) and (A2) model and it's detection under OSX.

    c) grief

    d) The new display arrives and I replace the old one with little problem as I'm fairly technically adept. I boot the laptop and to my dismay, the display appears DOA. Nope, it's not my thermal paste job. External display boots fine, just entirely black LCD display on boot and at login.

    e) This laptop is setup for triple booting OSX 10.6 (mainly), Windows, and Linux. I reboot and I unintentionally or I guess intentionally in frustration tap on the keyboard at boot time and send the laptop into Windows XP. Wow. This is the most joyous boot of Windows I have ever had. The internal LCD display is not dead, something is up with OSX. I reboot and click the keys necessary to boot Linux. Linux also has no problem enabling the display and booting and running fine. Hmm. This sucks, what is up?

    f) So I figure there is something going on with LCD detection or resolution/refresh under OSX. I grab a copy of SwitchResX. I fiddle and save what I guess is an override file for the LCD and reboot.

    g) Strangely enough, now the backlight comes on at boot and I see the REfit boot menu (for triple booting). I select OSX and hit enter and I get the grey Apple spinner screen and I think succcess, great, I can live with having to run SwitchResX once in a while. If I zap the PRAM, I get a blackscreen until I rerun/save SwitchResX with an external monitor plugged in. Solution?

    h) Nope. After grey apple spinner screen hits the login screen and there is a mode change or something and all that I get are vertical color bars corresponding to the colors of the login window. Grrreat! The external display continues to works fine.

    What to do? There must be some way to trick/force OSX into the correct mode for this display. No amount of SwitchResX profile fiddling can get this LCD to work in OSX. I went to the trouble of retrieving the modeline config from whatever that windows tool is and confirmed the same under Linux.

    I'm up for any solution from hexedit to a driver to maybe even trying to inject A1 firmware into this A2 display. So I'm appealing to the low level video gurus floating around on here to help me figure this out as I'm out of my depth.

    It seems that this would be a trivial problem to someone
    experienced with OSX low level graphics init sequence and hackery.

    Any help is appreciated!
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